Unveiling Coffee’s Best

Unveiling Coffee’s Best

For those seeking to add health-boosting ingredients into their morning cup, Cordyceps and Chaga mushrooms make the ideal combination. Both mushrooms offer unique wellness benefits that include providing natural energy boost without any jitters or crashes as well as mental clarity and focus.

Join Koffie Genetics for a tasting series featuring their exquisite coffee lots! You will experience new varietals to add to their unforgettable collection!

A Taste of the World

A Taste of the World explores dishes, traditions, and cultures from across the globe in this original Charles Fazzino release. Children will learn about different cuisines while developing an appreciation of cultural practice and history. Beth Walrond’s lively color palettes, playful textures, and endearing characters help readers expand their minds and palates by discovering it through food – including turkey on Thanksgiving in America; bagel and lox in NYC; curry from India or roast dinner from Britain! With all this variety on offer in one book! This original Charles Fazzino release will show them why people love to eat all over the globe!

FSN 344: Foodservice Operations II student Lenea Pollet collaborated in creating the delicious dishes displayed in this book.

This limited signed edition will only be produced 100 copies.

A Taste of India

This distinctively nutty coffee boasts an irresistibly buttery flavor that pairs perfectly with chocolate and vanilla flavors. Men, this is the ideal coffee to give their ladies as a special treat!

Join Koffie Genetics as they host a series of tastings and varietal launches at their exclusive facility, providing you with the chance to sample their new flavors while discovering more about their intriguing story. Don’t miss this unforgettable event!

See you at the event!

A Taste of the Future

Experience the future of world-class drinks here. While we may think of coffee as an undifferentiated commodity, its unique characteristics bring an abundance of different flavor profiles into every cup. Instead of lumping these flavours together into an indistinct whole, we should celebrate and recognize their individuality by creating products with more variation and individual taste profiles.

Recently, there has been an explosion in interest for pairing coffee with olive oil – something unprecedented – among chefs (such as Heston Blumenthal), fitness influencers and coffee experts alike. This unconventional pairing has proven popular with everyone from chefs (such as Heston Blumenthal) to fitness influencers and experts in coffee tasting alike – serving as an exploration into culinary boundaries, health benefits and flavor profiles.

Since 2015, this “don’t miss” fundraiser has helped provide local children with safe and nurturing places for socialization and learning. Businesses can also get involved by becoming Taste of the Future sponsors here.

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