Inside the Coffee Wonderland: Mind-Blowing Articles Exposed!

Inside the Coffee Wonderland – Mind-Blowing Articles Exposed!

Coffee (like tea) contains caffeine, which stimulates nerves and organs, making the user more alert and lively in both thought and action.

At an impressive 30,000 square feet, Shanghai’s new Starbucks is the largest ever ever created – and promises an unrivalled coffee experience.


Coffee is consumed by nearly half of the global population yet many of us know very little about its amazing benefits. This is unfortunate, as coffee is one of the most important crops globally and we should all become more acquainted with it.

Though there are various legends regarding how coffee was first discovered, one popular tale involves Kaldi from 9th century goat herder who noticed his goats became lively after eating certain plants’ berries, leading him to try them himself and discover they also had stimulating properties that gave him energy and excitement.

Kaldi then took some of these berries to a monastery where he gave them to a chaplain, who believed them to be tempting devilishly and burned them in his fire pit – thus creating that unique aroma associated with roasting beans.

Soon thereafter, coffee spread rapidly across the Arab world and was even used by Sufi monasteries as an aid in prayers. By 16th century it had reached Europe via Middle East and Central Asia merchants sterilized their beans so as to comply with religious requirements of Muslims at that time. Unfortunately for European drinkers though, its popularity was severely limited due to Muslim roots of its roots.

As they say, the rest is history. Cultivation became a global business and international companies built vast plantations farms taking advantage of low wages while exploiting indigenous people. Coffee cultivation also had a detrimental effect on the environment by clearing rainforests for cultivation – something it continues to do today with devastating results for both humans and planet alike.

Good news is there are ways to purchase fair-trade and organic coffee, making a fantastic contribution to local farmers while not supporting oppression of indigenous populations of the world. Though we’ve come far since Kaldi’s goat herder days to our modern hi-tech space drinks, much work remains on this planet.


Taste is what defines good coffee; its taste is the result of an intricate balance of aroma, acidity, sweetness and bitterness. Many people add additional flavored syrups such as cinnamon or mint; however it’s essential to understand the actual bean’s flavor profile which varies based on cultivar, roasting technique, soil conditions and preparation methods.

Coffee comes in numerous flavors, each having an impactful impact on our bodies and minds. Some popular varieties are vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut and caramel; purists may object to these options while others enjoy experiencing them for themselves.

Alongside these delicious beverages, there are also flavored coffee beans on the market. These beans have been infused with certain flavors prior to roasting and can be used either to make flavorful coffee beverages or eaten as snacks – becoming increasingly popular with coffee enthusiasts who desire the delicious taste without adding extra ingredients or ingredients.

The Flavor Wheel is an invaluable tool for quickly identifying different tastes of foods or drinks. While it may initially seem difficult, with practice anyone can become adept at distinguishing individual flavors. Basic categories on the Wheel include bitter, sweet, floral, fruity and roasted; among these roasted is often preferred due to its universal appeal.

Each flavor add-in for coffee has its own advantages and disadvantages; chocolate creates an irresistibly creamy coffee experience while hazelnut brings subtlety to this drink. Caramel remains popular and can often be found as part of macchiato or cappuccino beverages at coffee shops.

Coffee’s flavor depends not only on its cultivar and roasting, but also the milk added. That is why selecting only premium-grade beans when creating lattes or cappuccinos.

Health Benefits

Many people rely on coffee as an integral part of their day – it wakes them up, gives them energy in the afternoon, and keeps them going all day long. But are there any health benefits from drinking our favorite beverage? While early research hinted that there could be negative aspects, recent findings indicate otherwise if enjoyed in moderation. A 2016 study found regular coffee consumption to be linked with reduced Alzheimer’s risk; another may help lower Parkinson’s risks; additionally a component called chlorogenic acid may reduce diabetes development while improving metabolic function1

* These findings are based on observational studies, which do not establish cause and effect relationships.


Wonderland Coffee is handcrafted using premium grade beans roasted to perfection for an exquisite cup. Boasting caramel, hazelnuts, vanilla and coconut flavors that will surely please the senses, this flavored coffee will leave an indelible mark on your palette!

Wonderland Tea and Coffee Bar of Spring Branch district boasts a modern yet fantastical garden-inspired ambiance in their interior design – made up of rustic wood elements, greenery and faux botanicals which give it its distinctive theme. This unique aesthetic has become increasingly popular as more people seek something more than just liquid fuel when looking for refreshment.

Wonderland provides not only traditional coffee beverages such as espresso, cappuccino and lattes but also offers an expansive variety of milk teas, green tea, oolong black tea and matcha lattes – not forgetting fruit smoothies, slushies and juices! For an extra special touch they serve them topped with cheese foam or matcha foam for customers to enjoy.

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